COG Bags

COG bags are the bag that are capable of being decomposed by bacteria and other living organisms and thus solves every day environmental concern. These bags are cost effective and sustainable solution thus reduces plastic bag pollution, greenhouse gases and toxic chemicals.

These bags are developed keeping in concern about different specification of degradable features to meet their needs. These bags Photo Degradable, Bio Degradable, Anaerobic Degradable and Bio Based Polymers.

Features of COG Hand Bags

1. Recyclable
2. These Bags degrade to a Non toxic Residue, if littered.
3. Produce Less Greenhouse Gases.
4. Use Less energy in Production as well as in getting decomposed.
Benefits of COG Bags

Danger to domesticated/farm animals and wildlife

Plastic bags remain in the environment for 400 plus years and present a true danger to domesticated animals and wildlife. When littered, paper bags, non-woven fabric bags (nonwoven fabric is made from long fibers, bonded together by chemical, mechanical, heat or solvent treatment), reusable bags all remain in the environment for medium to long duration and present similar danger to animals and wildlife.…


This remains the big and the primary reason why communities and governments are actively addressing the plastic bag pollution problem. Only GXT COG bags address the pollution problem of littering, cost effectively and without leaving behind any toxic residue. Bags made from GXT COG are far superior when compared to…

Damage/Blockage to Sewer lines/drains

Bags made from GXT COG start breaking up in less than 40 days and is unlikely to cause blockage as compared to biodegradable plastic and reusable bags. These bags also do not leach toxic chemicals/sludge as in paper and nonwoven cotton bags.…

Ability to measure bag thickness in market place

GXT Green Seal is the only international certification for Carbon Footprint reduction. GXT COG bags will be individually certified and will carry this GXT Green Seal. GXT will also be happy to establish a joint Government of India and GXT standards for this seal and institute procedures for certification across designated test labs in India.…

Environmental Impact, sustainability, price stability and health safety

Bags made from GXT In pre production COG produce 34% less GreenHouse gases than regular plastic bags, and a phenomenal 92% less greenhouse gases as compared to paper bags, reducing environmental impact and improving substantially. COG bags can be manufactured in current plastic bag factories without any changes to manufacturing lines or retooling.…